Saturday, 6 August 2011


Dear all:

After this batch i will not place order for pre-order anymore...
i would only sell some ready stock which i currently have them..
item will be sold either in this blog, ebay or other forum....

For those who have made payment just now, dont worry, i will deliver your item on time as i promise.
i need to concentrate on my studies, thats why i choose to not taking any order anymore...

Hopefully my blog which i have been worked on will help u all wif the info and description.. enjoy~

Monday, 25 July 2011

Newest Update

I have receive the parcel today...2moro i will pack them and deliver out to our lovely customer ^^
By the way i have some ready stock for sale (skin food & the face shop) at a cheaper price than retail shop..i will upload the picture and price soon~~ (prolly will upload them after my exam finish)

Currently will be very busy, concentrating on my exam....
So i might late reply for any inquiry....hope u girls can forgive me for this XD

New Batch will Open Soon.....We do take order for Skin Food, Etude House, Baviphat, Missha, Somang & others....Do look up for some goodies and i will help u to place order ya <3

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hooray!! Item Will Arrive Soon !!

Good news!! item will arrive within tis week..after tat i wil upload some picture here XD
i will post ur item as soon as possible..stay tune wif us <3

Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Batch Open ^^

2nd batch Closing date: 10/7/2011

Good news that we gonna bring some ready stock for sale!! Want to know more? we will post it out once we get the stock ~

Im glad that more people started to like our page. Please continue to support us and visit our page. We do automatically give out discount and do promotion from time to time~~

Any inquiry please drop a comment in our pages and i will reply as soon as possible <3

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Reminder: 1st batch ends on Today 26/6/2011 (before 5pm)

First Batch will be ended on 26/6/2011..any order please make it before 5pm if not u will have to wait for second batch~~

Next batch will start from 27/7/2011 to 11/7/2011

~100% geniune product from korea
~Free product samples
~Buy more discount more

feel free to like our facebook page ^^

i will be adding new item to the blog soon..please stay tune ya~

Monday, 30 May 2011

Tony Moly- Berry Berry Nutrivive Skin & lotion

Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Skin (toner)
Size: 140ml

Balancing toner, keeps skin smooth and supple by keeping excess sebum in check and boosting skin's moisture production. Special blend of Supercritical Berry Complex, made from 8 different berry extracts, and extracts from the so-called super foods: mulberry, tomato and brussel sprouts, nourish and replenish skin with needed nutrients. After cleansing face, dampen a cotton pad with toner and lightly run pad over skin. Afterwards, pat skin for better absorption. 

Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Lotion
Size: 140ml

Lightweight lotion steeps skin in needed moisture, keeping skin stay soft and radiant with a luminous and noticeable glow. Special blend of Supercritical Berry Complex, made from 8 different berry extracts, and extracts from the so-called super foods: mulberry, tomato and brussel sprouts, feed skin, helping it stay healthy and protected from skin irritations.

Tony Moly- Crystal BB Cream

Tony Moly Crystal BB Cream (Bright)
Size: 50ml


  • The abundant amount of moisture contained in the product will maintain your skin wet.

  • And parched with good feeling of touch which will ensure natural make-up expression.