Monday, 30 May 2011

Tony Moly- Berry Berry Nutrivive Skin & lotion

Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Skin (toner)
Size: 140ml

Balancing toner, keeps skin smooth and supple by keeping excess sebum in check and boosting skin's moisture production. Special blend of Supercritical Berry Complex, made from 8 different berry extracts, and extracts from the so-called super foods: mulberry, tomato and brussel sprouts, nourish and replenish skin with needed nutrients. After cleansing face, dampen a cotton pad with toner and lightly run pad over skin. Afterwards, pat skin for better absorption. 

Tony Moly Berry Berry Nutrivive Lotion
Size: 140ml

Lightweight lotion steeps skin in needed moisture, keeping skin stay soft and radiant with a luminous and noticeable glow. Special blend of Supercritical Berry Complex, made from 8 different berry extracts, and extracts from the so-called super foods: mulberry, tomato and brussel sprouts, feed skin, helping it stay healthy and protected from skin irritations.

Tony Moly- Crystal BB Cream

Tony Moly Crystal BB Cream (Bright)
Size: 50ml


  • The abundant amount of moisture contained in the product will maintain your skin wet.

  • And parched with good feeling of touch which will ensure natural make-up expression.       

  • Sunday, 29 May 2011

    Tony Moly- Expert BB Cream

    Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream SPF 45, PA+++
    Size: 50ml

    *It contains Albutine Ingredients involve with formation of melanin pigments and bring the whitening effects.
    *Wrinkle Care effects.
    *Skin firming and anti-aging. 
    *Protects skin from sun rays by blocking UV A & B.
    *The BB cream has 3 functions; make up base + foundation + sunblock


    -> Suitable for all skin types including the oily skin, and is known for it's good blemish coverage, high SPF and oil control abilities. (there are feedback that it is one of the best BB Cream for oily/ combination skin among some other korean brands)
    -> You'll only need loose powder after this to complete your make up foundation.

    Tony Moly Expert 3D Collagen BB Cream SPF 40, PA+++
    Size: 50ml

    *High moisture replenishment, balance water and oil
    *Contain Collagen and other active ingredients
    *Less oil content
    *Maintain the skin, act as concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer
    *Sun protection for up to 12 hours or more
    *Has magical color effect (suites any skin color) and gives a natural look
    *Good in covering blemishes, at the same time provides sufficient nutrients to the skin

    -> suitable for all skin types.

    Tony Moly Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream SPF 37, PA+++
    Size: 50ml

    *rich in Hyaluronic acid (hydrating) and has a slight pearl effect
    *Deep ocean water which give full moisturizing to the skin and elastic
    *contain Birch Sap ingredient which balance the oil and water of the skin 
    *high degree of permeability (non-greasy feel and more comfortable)

    -> Good for MM who suffer the imbalance of water and oil (The T-zone oily but the cheeks dry out )

    Tony Moly- Lovely Eyeliner Pencil

    Tony Moly Lovely Eyeliner Pencil 
    Size: 0.7g

    #01 - Black
    #02 - Brown


    *natural and long lasting eye makeup
    * lubricated tip of the brush allows you to easily complete liner
    *natural formula (suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin)
    *good water resistance

    Tony Moly- Backstage Gel Eyeliner

    Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner (with the brush)
    Size: 4g

    #01 - Black
    #02 - Brown

    shaped like a nail polish bottle and comes along with a brush ^^

    Here is the Outcomes:
    non-smudge + water resistant = long lasting

    Creamy Texture of the Gel that allows you to draw any size and shapes easily. You only need to lightly brush the surface off the gel and you can get a nice, opaque line. Its very easy to use and dries very quickly. Its water & smudge-proof. 

    Tony Moly- 24 Cooling Eyes Stick

    Tony Moly 24 Cooling Eyes Stick
    Size: 9g

    Provide moisture, helps circulation and relieve eye swelling

    - For external use only
    - Avoid contact with eyes
    - Discontinue use if irritation and/or rash occurs

    How to use:
    Apply to clean delicate skin around eye area

    Tony Moly- Latte Art Morning Pack and Cappuccino Cream in Scrub

    Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack 
    Size: 80ml + 5ml

    Its multi-active formula is so efficient the effects can be sensed as soon as it touches your finger tips. Pour the creamy milk essence into the morning pack to enhance its skin-enhancing properties. This morning pack does not have brightening or wrinkle-reducing functions, but mixed with milk creamy essence, the Morning pack is upgraded to a multi-functional facial mask.

    Tony Moly Cappuccino Cream in Scrub
    Size: 80ml

    This massage and scrub dual functional cream contains coffee and milk extracts. It removes flaky dead skin cells and impurities from the pores and supplies abundant nutrition to the skin.


  • The scrub is fine and very sticky.

  • When i apply on my face and massage it, I felt the warming feeling on the part that i apply the scrub.

  • These self-generated heat and color changes help to remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

  • And the heat helps me to open up my pores and get ready for the scrub. 

  • My skin look smoother and clearer after using this scrub.

  • Enjoy scrubbing my face with this and my whole bathroom have the coffee smell.

  • *Do not worry about the self-generated heat. The heat is very mild, will not give you a burnt on your skin but its strong enough to open up the pores on your face. Just like the feeling that you are steaming your face.